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Assets in Order

As a consumer of individual medical insurance, Solo Benefits understand that it is difficult to have access to your policy information when it’s time access care or evaluate coverage you’ve already received. Plan designs, contact information, and policy numbers are just few key items you’ll need to be an informed consumer of medical benefits. To assist our clients in being better consumer, we’ve developed an optional program we call Solo Folder, which we offer at no cost to our clients.

Through our Solo Folder program, we have contracted with Assets in Order to provide data storage for your insurance files and documents. Benefits can be more than just medical and the addition of life insurance, dental, vision or financial services can be overwhelming when it comes to record keeping. With Assets in Order, you have one point of contact for accessing all your stored data with an established succession of access in situations that may require bequeathed retrieval.

As an additional tool for easy access to your benefits information, we are also providing a custom information card that will list your multiple benefits in one card so you have access to insurance policies and customer service centers without having to look throughout your wallet. This is not insurance card but an insurance manager in one card.

With the help of Assets in Order and the Solo Information Card, we are working to provide easy access to your benefits. Healthcare is becoming more difficult and we’re working with our clients to provide the necessary tools to keep them informed and protected.

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