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You’re not alone, just individual.  This is our motto at SOLO Benefits where we work to provide a true benefit for individuals and their families.  As a consultant for both group and individual benefits, SOLO Benefits has developed a program to provide group-style benefits for members of an employer group or individuals on their own seeking the support of a broker and benefit administrator.


Our clients are individual members but we have contracted with several employers to assist their employees find the right individual healthcare program.  We guide these employer groups through a program we call Group Individual, which helps employees find the right health plan at the right price.  The response has been very positive with an unmistakable appreciation to the employers who provide the time and space for these education and enrollment meetings.

At SOLO Benefits, we understand your individual needs and work very hard to provide the best-suited plans for you and your family members, while always exploring any available subsidies.  After you join our program, we also offer continued support through a program we call SOLO Folder, where we provide cloud-based data storage so you always have secured access to your documents and personal records.

Open enrollment is right around the corner so please feel free to contact SOLO Benefits with any questions. 

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